I had several goals when selecting a topic for my capstone project. I wanted a project that demonstrates my skills, had a clearly defined data set, had a scalable range of success and most of all was fun and exciting. The topic I chose was predicting reactions on images from the website This topic has lots going for it. To complete my capstone, I have to demonstrate web scraping, computer vision with neural networks and possibly natural language processing. The data for the project will come directly from the website without any need to worry about finding public data…

At the end of 2006 Nintendo launched the Wii, the new video game console with a crazy motion sensing controller. In less than a month videos started hitting the internet of Wii remotes (Nintendo doesn’t want you to call them Wiimotes!) being repurposed for all sorts of crazy motion sensing hacks. I wanted in! I got my Wii and with some simple keyboard remapping I was able to play some old games with motion controls! Were the games any more fun to play, swinging my hand around to make a keyboard ‘a’ input? No, but that was never the point.

Dataclysm is a Data Science story. Not that it’s a story about Data Science, but that it’s a story told with Data Science. Dataclysm is written by Cristian Rudder, who is one of the founders of the dating site OkCupid. As you might expect, due to his position, he has access to a huge amount of very interesting data, data that you’d hope isn’t widely available. I have an online dating account, and I certainly hope it doesn’t go public. I don’t feel bad or nervous about it though, if anything it’s more like I put in my vote on…

Michael Winder

I am a data enthusiast. I see how data can shape our everyday life and want to harness it to make positive changes in the world.

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